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Be... Newsletter Summer/Autumn 2019

It is a pleasure to bring to you the Summer/Autumn Be... Newsletter.
This edition includes business updates while the feature article provides tips and advice designed to reduce the anxiety that can arise when travelling. 
To open the Newsletter please click on the PDF link below:

Newsletter Vol. 4.3.1.pdf (PDF — 376 KB)

Be... Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019/20

It is lovely to bring you the latest Be... Newsletter. This edition contains business updates plus a blog which includes tips and ideas about habits and on being organised.

To open the Newsletter, click on the PDF link shown below:

Newsletter Vol. 4.2.1.pdf (PDF — 342 KB)

Be... Newsletter Winter 2018/19

The latest edition of the Be.. Newsletter contains announcements and a piece inspired by a visit to the United Nations.

Newsletter - Autumn 2018

Welcome to the latest Be... Newsletter.

Providing a quick mix of what has been happening for the business, what is coming up plus tips and information.

Newsletter Vol. 3.3.1.pdf (PDF — 330 KB)

Newsletter Spring/Summer 2018

It is a pleasure to bring you the most recent Be... Newsletter which contains information, tips and updates.

To open click on the PDF below:

Newsletter Vol. 3.2.1.pdf (PDF — 317 KB)

Be... Newsletter Winter 2017/18

First, Happy New Year to readers of the Be... Blog and Newsletters.

I am delighted to bring you the latest Be... Newsletter (Winter2017/18). Containing tips, suggestions and updates. To open click on the PDF link below:

Wishing everyone a great time in 2018