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Time Management. Time to...

During the run up to Christmas and with new year on the horizon many 'pop-up' stores appeared in shopping centres selling a great variety of calendars and diaries, essentially providing time management tools for the year ahead. Calendars providing the big picture and allowing us to note markers such as holidays and significant events while diaries provide an aide to plan activities.

Time management tools (either paper based or electronic) have benefits as they increase our effectiveness and add to our wellbeing in that they enable us to contextualise decisions and make plans such as priorities, goals, free time etc.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation (and a big helping of creativity!)

While recently working on the preparation of a seminar for a client I looked over at a pile of paperwork and realised that this is a side of work that no one normally sees and yet preparation and creativity are two of the keys to success. Therefore, I thought I would share a light-hearted look at some aspects of my preparation process but I begin by discussing an historical account about preparation:

The 19th Century painter James Whistler was famously involved in defending a case (Whistler-Ruskin) whereby a patron disputed the charge being made for a painting that had take

The Power of Visual Imagery

While working in London earlier this week I took the opportunity to take a walk around the Tower of London which is currently staging the creation of  a growing art installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies. Each poppy represents one person who died as part of the British military during the First World War. The scale and density of the installation was overwhelming and incredibly moving. I took a series of photographs, some of which are shown here, the pictures speak for themselves.

Clearing the Mind: Mindfulness and Home Baking

Have you ever experienced the problem of trying to recall or think of  a name, idea or thought but simply cannot bring it to mind? This sensation is referred to as the 'Tip of the Tongue' phenomenon. It can sometimes feel as though your mind is desperately searching through a filing system as you try to reach for the right word. Brown and McNeill described it as 'something like the brink of a sneeze... if he found the word his relief was considerable'

Attending a network meeting: Interpersonal skills and behaviour

This week has signalled the start of the new
school year and it occurred to me while driving to a large business network meeting how the two events shared some similarities. I was reminded of the first day of walking into a new schoolroom where initially many of the people are unknown . Of course as we grow older we also become conscious that people are continually judging other people on the basis of what they say and how they say it. Therefore, during the course of the evening my thoughts were further heightened when I was asked during conversation

New Blog

Today I am excited to announce my very first blog

Over the months to come I would like to share with you the influences and events that have inspired me and take you on my continuing journey through the absorbing world of learning and development. I hope you will find these occasional blogs interesting and give rise to your own reflections.

I also look forward to sharing helpful ideas
and bringing to your notice useful updates and information.

See you soon over a cup of coffee!