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Management Development

Book Release

Publication of new book in theTOTHEPOINTseries

I am delighted to announce the release of
Resilience. A Choice for Everyday Living

Do you ever find yourself having a tough week?
Do you ever feel like things just aren’t going your way?
Do you sometimes feel stuck and unable to move on?

For all of us there are times when life can be a struggle or present challenges which require the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance. In addition, everyday life can bring situations that demand inner steel and the courage to keep going through difficult times.

Book Launch

Coming soon

Resilience: A Choice for Everyday Living

Created to help you cope with day to day stresses and get the best out of life.



This blog has been written to tell you about a forthcoming book, Resilience: A Choice for Everyday Living that I have had the pleasure of writing and which will be available soon.

The book has been written as a compact handbook to provide a pathway for readers to gain deeper personal insights while also developing understanding of others. The contents are intended to help in finding the everyday courage needed to navigate the stresses and demands that come with daily life.

Management Development: Encouraging Creativity

It was recently reported that an amazing feat had been achieved when the Solar Impulse (a plane purely powered by the sun) touched down in Hawaii after a 35,000km journey around the world. The plane was the work of a Swiss team and was intended to provide a vision of the current capabilities of solar power. For one of the pilots, after 16 years of wanting to do the flight, it was a dream come true.

The idea for the flight was just once a figment of someone’s imagination and as with all innovation, nobody knows where the next big idea or discovery might come from or where it will take us.

Inspiration for Business Owners & Others.

The Entrepreneurs Exchange

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Entrepreneurs Exchange. The event was an initiative whereby presentations were held simultaneously across the country to enable business owners to meet and listen to established and notable business entrepreneurs: to learn from their experiences and to hear their advice.

I attended the presentations being made by Steve Lindsey, who invented Blade Compressor Technology and is the founder of Lantra and by Craig Sams, the founder of Green and Black’s chocolate (being known as a chocoholic, Craig’s talk had a particular appeal!

Bereavement & Grief

Following a bereavement, it was recently suggested that I write about this particular topic. The experience of grief and bereavement can be associated with many types of loss. However, this blog concerns the loss created when someone passes away.

You may wonder what a blog about bereavement has to do with a learning and development consultancy. The reality is that as bereavement is part of the human condition it is a matter that touches us all and in all aspects of life. Throughout my career, regardless of my specialist roles within the organisational context, long years of experience as a direct line manager means that I am aware that bereavement is a situation that arises in the management of others, it is also a personal experience to be lived through and presents times when giving support to friends, family and others is highly important.

Age - it's just a number!

During the last year I have been supporting groups and teams to respect diversity and value each other and have also worked with individuals to help them to value themselves. This short blog has a strand running through it which is relevant to both areas of work.

During the last few months’ politics in Britain have provided some surprises, including the election of two people for whom their moment in time has come, both sharing a journey but at different points on the age timeline: Jeremy Corbyn elected as Leader of the Labour Party at the age of 66 after being in politics for over 40 years and 20-year-old student Mhairi Black becoming Britians youngest MP since 1667.

Questions, questions

This is a simple blog which I hope will be read with simple pleasure.

The last month has included work with groups of people who are required to have high level communication skills and for whom curiosity, scrutiny and problem solving are essential aspects of their role. Underpinning these functions is the ability to use appropriate questioning skills. Questioning is used in a variety of ways and in numerous situations and is an art which embraces different techniques, structures and models.

Being alive to the here and now

During the last fortnight it was reported that two people had stowed away in the freezing wheel carriage of a plane flying from South Africa to Heathrow. As the plane had come into land one person fell and was found on the roof of a building in London, the other stowaway was taken in a critical condition to hospital. These two individuals clung onto the underside of a plane  for 11 hours during a journey of 8,000 miles. They would seem to have been so desperate that they were not only clinging onto a plane but metaphorically speaking would appear to have been clinging onto hope.


Mentoring Skills is a popular seminar delivered through Be... 
Last year I was asked to write about Mentoring for a national newspaper - this blog is adapted from the piece written.

The demands and expectations of modern life mean that new line managers must not only ‘hit the ground running’ but must hit the ground running at top speed: Dealing with issues generated at a macro and micro level, keeping up with social, technological and economic changes means that encouraging and structuring a Mentor/Mentee relationship has probably never been more important than it is now.

Filling time or living time?

Over the past two months I have been prompted to give thought to the notion of time:  During a CPD event in January I was asked what I was going to be doing with the year ahead? While returning home after working for a customer last week I  got caught behind a serious accident on the motorway and so arrived home in the early hours of the morning after a journey which took 8.5 hours when it should have taken 2.5 hours!  I recently had a meeting with someone who I hadn't seen for two years and yet time just fell away, indeed we were enjoying talking so much that time simply evaporated and meeting for a morning coffee carried on into lunchtime.