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Be... Newsletter Summer/Autumn 2019

It is a pleasure to bring to you the Summer/Autumn Be... Newsletter.
This edition includes business updates while the feature article provides tips and advice designed to reduce the anxiety that can arise when travelling. 
To open the Newsletter please click on the PDF link below:

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Be... Newsletter

The Be... Newsletter was first published during the winter of 2015/16 and could be found on the 'About' page of the Be... website. To make it easier to find for readers, it can now be found as part of the blog. Here is the latest edition:

Spring/Summer Edition

I am pleased to bring you the spring/summer newsletter produced under the Be… brand name. Since last writing, the year has gone by very quickly having included the launch of the first book in theTo the Pointseries, commencing development of a special new event and working with new and existing customers.

Book Release

Publication of new book in theTOTHEPOINTseries

I am delighted to announce the release of
Resilience. A Choice for Everyday Living

Do you ever find yourself having a tough week?
Do you ever feel like things just aren’t going your way?
Do you sometimes feel stuck and unable to move on?

For all of us there are times when life can be a struggle or present challenges which require the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance. In addition, everyday life can bring situations that demand inner steel and the courage to keep going through difficult times.

Continuous Professional/Personal Development (CPD)

Benefits & ideas to begin your record of CPD

For some who read this blog it will be expected that you keep an account of learning/development in the form of a record of Continuous Professional/Personal Development (CPD). Maintenance of CPD is often required by professional bodies, it can be a part of the process of organisational performance management appraisal and is of course very useful to have at hand when completing a CV. Sometimes finding yourself in a new role means that you need to be able to present information about your accomplishments.

Book Launch

Coming soon

Resilience: A Choice for Everyday Living

Created to help you cope with day to day stresses and get the best out of life.



This blog has been written to tell you about a forthcoming book, Resilience: A Choice for Everyday Living that I have had the pleasure of writing and which will be available soon.

The book has been written as a compact handbook to provide a pathway for readers to gain deeper personal insights while also developing understanding of others. The contents are intended to help in finding the everyday courage needed to navigate the stresses and demands that come with daily life.

Management Development: Encouraging Creativity

It was recently reported that an amazing feat had been achieved when the Solar Impulse (a plane purely powered by the sun) touched down in Hawaii after a 35,000km journey around the world. The plane was the work of a Swiss team and was intended to provide a vision of the current capabilities of solar power. For one of the pilots, after 16 years of wanting to do the flight, it was a dream come true.

The idea for the flight was just once a figment of someone’s imagination and as with all innovation, nobody knows where the next big idea or discovery might come from or where it will take us.

Inspiration for Business Owners & Others.

The Entrepreneurs Exchange

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Entrepreneurs Exchange. The event was an initiative whereby presentations were held simultaneously across the country to enable business owners to meet and listen to established and notable business entrepreneurs: to learn from their experiences and to hear their advice.

I attended the presentations being made by Steve Lindsey, who invented Blade Compressor Technology and is the founder of Lantra and by Craig Sams, the founder of Green and Black’s chocolate (being known as a chocoholic, Craig’s talk had a particular appeal!

Continuous Professional Development: Exhibition Visit

Continuous Professional Development.
States of Mind

It is important that the service delivered to customers through the Be… brand is relevant, up to date and inspirational. Contributing to this goal is a commitment to continuous professional development (CPD) both in applying psychology and as a representative of three professional bodies.  A learning experience attended during the last few months was a visit to the States of Mind Exhibition being held at the Wellcome Collection, London. This blog shares aspects of an interesting and thought provoking display.

Bereavement & Grief

Following a bereavement, it was recently suggested that I write about this particular topic. The experience of grief and bereavement can be associated with many types of loss. However, this blog concerns the loss created when someone passes away.

You may wonder what a blog about bereavement has to do with a learning and development consultancy. The reality is that as bereavement is part of the human condition it is a matter that touches us all and in all aspects of life. Throughout my career, regardless of my specialist roles within the organisational context, long years of experience as a direct line manager means that I am aware that bereavement is a situation that arises in the management of others, it is also a personal experience to be lived through and presents times when giving support to friends, family and others is highly important.

Time Management. Time to...

During the run up to Christmas and with new year on the horizon many 'pop-up' stores appeared in shopping centres selling a great variety of calendars and diaries, essentially providing time management tools for the year ahead. Calendars providing the big picture and allowing us to note markers such as holidays and significant events while diaries provide an aide to plan activities.

Time management tools (either paper based or electronic) have benefits as they increase our effectiveness and add to our wellbeing in that they enable us to contextualise decisions and make plans such as priorities, goals, free time etc.