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October 2014

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation (and a big helping of creativity!)

While recently working on the preparation of a seminar for a client I looked over at a pile of paperwork and realised that this is a side of work that no one normally sees and yet preparation and creativity are two of the keys to success. Therefore, I thought I would share a light-hearted look at some aspects of my preparation process but I begin by discussing an historical account about preparation:

The 19th Century painter James Whistler was famously involved in defending a case (Whistler-Ruskin) whereby a patron disputed the charge being made for a painting that had take

The Power of Visual Imagery

While working in London earlier this week I took the opportunity to take a walk around the Tower of London which is currently staging the creation of  a growing art installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies. Each poppy represents one person who died as part of the British military during the First World War. The scale and density of the installation was overwhelming and incredibly moving. I took a series of photographs, some of which are shown here, the pictures speak for themselves.