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September 2014

Clearing the Mind: Mindfulness and Home Baking

Have you ever experienced the problem of trying to recall or think of  a name, idea or thought but simply cannot bring it to mind? This sensation is referred to as the 'Tip of the Tongue' phenomenon. It can sometimes feel as though your mind is desperately searching through a filing system as you try to reach for the right word. Brown and McNeill described it as 'something like the brink of a sneeze... if he found the word his relief was considerable'

Attending a network meeting: Interpersonal skills and behaviour

This week has signalled the start of the new
school year and it occurred to me while driving to a large business network meeting how the two events shared some similarities. I was reminded of the first day of walking into a new schoolroom where initially many of the people are unknown . Of course as we grow older we also become conscious that people are continually judging other people on the basis of what they say and how they say it. Therefore, during the course of the evening my thoughts were further heightened when I was asked during conversation