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August 2014

Gratitude & Saying Thank You

Gratitude & Saying Thank You

We all stand upon the shoulders of others and most likely all of us can look back upon the person who gave us a chance to do what we do or who modelled the way. By reflecting on the qualities and attributes of such people wisdom grows and we can use their example as we in turn develop and support others.

As I start to share blogs with you it seems fitting that I should consider and acknowledge the people who have modelled the way for me.

Here are just some

New Blog

Today I am excited to announce my very first blog

Over the months to come I would like to share with you the influences and events that have inspired me and take you on my continuing journey through the absorbing world of learning and development. I hope you will find these occasional blogs interesting and give rise to your own reflections.

I also look forward to sharing helpful ideas
and bringing to your notice useful updates and information.

See you soon over a cup of coffee!