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Recommendations & Examples of
Post Course Event Feedback

Time Management and Effectual Coping Skills. Delivery for Councillors, held at the University of Warwick

'The session was very enjoyable. The pace was great & Jacqui was able to get everyone to interact and enjoy'

'I have found Jacqui's advice on training and development is valued at all levels. Her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for training is well regarded by many in the profession'

'Most outstanding course...'

The inter-active session looked at factors which contribute to bullying and  harassment within organisations...
There was a positive response from delegates who attended the event:

"Congratulation on another fantastic event."

"It was one of the best CIPD Lincolnshire Branch events so far."

"The event has inspired me to choose this topic for my MSc HRM dissertation."
Extract from LIBS (University of Lincoln International Business School)
News Issue 17

'Innovative methods and not being lectured at was a refreshing change'

'Excellent session'

'Jacqui taught and led by example' ' 

 'Her personal attributes make her an outstanding Consultant and combine seamlessly with her personable and professional demeanour'

 " ... Jacqui is a very experienced and skilled trainer.
The resilience training is excellent - having observed Jacqui run this programme I have seen first hand the value to participants. Evaluations are always extremely positive. You won't find a more skilful and knowledgeable trainer to run this programme for you.
Highly recommended for your consideration..."

Leader of the Council, Norwich City Council

'One of Jacqueline's strengths lies in her basic interest in people and their development. Here she demonstrates sensitivity to needs and problems of others and has built a reputation of being approachable and capable but also wise and highly professional'

'She is one of the leaders in strategic thinking on training'

' ...very impressed with the work that has been done on the projects'

'Lessons provided by you ...
inspiring and useful'

  • Excellent presenter
  • Very engaging, excellent communicator
  • One of the best sessions we've had

I would attend other sessions of this type. 100% Agree strongly

 Training Feedback Forms. Guilford Borough Council

'Really enjoyed this event, lots to go away and think about'

'Jacqui was very good. Time was given to everyone to comment'

'Thanks for delivering an excellent event this week'  

'These sort of training programmes need more attendance'

'Really useful would recommend to others. Thank you'

"A specialist in organisational development and training with a background in the public sector. The Compact recommends Jacqui." 

Derbyshire Public Sector Compact

'...presented the session in an easy to understand way with interaction between the people present.

'Jacqui is an amazing trainer, I'm very impressed. Best training I've had in years'

'Very interesting. Well worth attending' 

 'First class presentation skills; the sort that make a positive difference for her learners'

Thanks for your assistance... already putting into practice!



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