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Engaging and thoughtful learning which is constantly updated to ensure it is meaningful and covers the latest developments in each subject area.

Please find below seminar outlines:
Original material researched, developed, widely distributed and delivered across a broad range of organisations

Seminar/Workshop/Course Titles

Self Management:
Personal Skills Development 

Strengthening Personal Resilience*
Confidence & Assertiveness
Time Management & Effectual Coping Skills*

Influencing Skills*
Listening Skills

Presentation/Public Speaking Skills

Mentoring - Mentee Skills

Management of Others
Performance Management:
First Line Management
Middle Management

Seminar/Workshop/Course Titles

Developing & Supporting Others
Training the Trainer
Mentoring Skills*
Training Management

Working with Others
Interpersonal Cohesion*
Respecting Diversity*
Harassment & Bullying*

Team Working

Having Difficult Conversations and Delivering Bad News*
Dealing with Difficult People*

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Providing services for you on site is proven to save you time and costs. In addition 'on location' seminars ensure all participants receive a consistent event while forging closer working relationships and deeper understanding in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Value is demonstrated to individuals as they do not have the inconvenience of travelling to venues in different towns and cities or the anxiety of being away from their base, particularly if they have responsibilities or face time critical demands.


Please contact to discuss any of the seminars shown. Adaptable delivery can be arranged to meet your
 current or future  requirements.

Please note that professional accreditation & accreditation against
the National Qualifications and Credit Framework for England, Wales & Northern Ireland may be arranged for some of the topics shown 

* CPD Certified through commissioning organisation

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