Be...             - Supporting the development of confident, effective people.


  • That learning should have a lasting positive impact

  • To be honest, fair and accurate and prevent unrealistic expectations

  • To treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy

  • To contribute to the achievement of results within the context of the environment

  • That learning should be delivered in a physical and psychologically safe and comfortable environment

  • That learners be supported in appropriately applying knowledge, skills and different approaches

  •  That learning should be empowering and support self-determination, while recognising personal and other circumstances

  • That learning should encourage reflection

  • To maintain high standards of competence through continuous professional development
Be... Policy

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Be calm. Be happy. Be curious. Be decisive. Be excellent. Be thoughtful. Be responsible. Be an inspiration. Be a good listener. Be goal orientated. Be willing to learn. Be great. Be the best. Be positive. Be a leader. Be focussed. Be proactive. Be considerate. Be objective. Be productive. Be an achiever. Be alert. Be fair. Be determined. Be a great team. Be the first choice. Be diverse. Be relaxed. Be confident. Be mindful. Be strategic. Be self-aware. Be motivated. Be a motivator.  Be....

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